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Bloomberg Terminal: Finding Public Company Information

How do I find information on a public company?

Type the name of your company in the help box (Apple is an example in the image below). Bloomberg will autofill suggestions as you type. Select the best match for your search.

Alternatively, if you know the ticker symbol for your company, type the symbol and the location of the exchange where it trades (Bloomberg uses two-letter country codes), and press the yellow
EQUITY key. Using IBM as an example, type IBM US, press the yellow EQUITY button, and then the green GO button. 

When you select a company, a menu of items will appear. Your location on Bloomberg is located at the top of the screen (Home > Equities > Analyze IBM Equity in this example). After you have selected a menu item, and are finished with the data, use the green BACK key to return to your previous page, or type Home in the Help box to return to Bloomberg's main screen, to start a new search. 

Company Description Page

From the company's analysis page, select 2) or type DES GO to access the company's Bloomberg description page. This is a useful introduction to the company, describing what they do, and providing useful data, such as recent financial data, corporate information and total returns. 


Bloomberg Equities Screening Tutorial

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