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Standard & Poor's Capital IQ: Charting

Charting on Capital IQ

Using S&P's Capital IQ, you can create charts to compare the performance of individual securities, and compare the performance of securities with indexes. 

From anywhere on Capital IQ, select Charting from the menu options on the ribbon near the top of the screen. From the new sub-menu that will pop onto the screen, select New Chart

Next, use the search box labeled Select Entity, near the top left of the page, to select an equity, index, or both. Use a symbol, or begin writing the name of the entity, and Capital IQ will prompt suggestions, which you can then select. Once you select an entity, the tab labeled Metrics will open a box with specific criteria you can select for your chart, such as Share Pricing and Volume. Select the criteria you want. If you do not see the criteria you want, select Advanced Search for more options. All of the charting data for equities comes from SEC filings. Next, use the date functions to specify a span of time or customize a date range. 


Once you have selected an entity, you can continue to add more entities. Select the Compare button, then add an entity, and last click on the Next button. Repeat these instructions for each new entity you wish to add. The entity can be an equity or an index. In the examples below, Microsoft is compared to Apple by share price, and then both are compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Index by share price.