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Standard & Poor's Capital IQ: Research Reports

Research Reports on Capital IQ

Using Capital IQ, you can search for analysts' research reports on public companies, mutual funds and industries. 

From your dashboard, or any other screen on Capital IQ, place your cursor over the tab titled Researchon the horizontal row of tabs near the top of the page. From there, type in the name or symbol of a company or mutual fund in the search box. Add other criteria as needed. Then press the Search button. The results for company searches may include industry reports as well as company reports. 

Please note - only research reports published by firms associated with Standard and Poor's, such as CFRA, are available through our Capital IQ subscription. Others are only available in brief summaries. 


To search for the latest reports by a specific analyst or firm, leave the Name/Symbol box empty, and select a name from the drop-down menu under Contributors. Next, press the Search button. 


CFRA Industry Surveys

To access CFRA's latest industry surveys, select the Industry Surveys tab from the ribbon near the top of the screen.