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Company Financial Information: About

Public Companies

Why research public companies? 

  • As an investor, you can study the financial health of a public company.
  • You may own shares of that company, or may be considering buying that company's stock.
  • You may want to research financial news for different industries, to make decisions regarding your investment portfolio.
  • You may be interested in researching the company's history, for investment purposes or because you own an old stock certificate and would like to determine if it has value today

U.S. public companies which trade on the stock market are required to file documents regularly with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). These documents provide the public with detailed information on the company's financial performance, allowing investors to make informed decisions on their investment decisions. The SEC enforces penalties on companies that report false information in SEC filings.

Industry surveys and analysts reports provide research, observation and advice from financial analysts with expertise in their specific area of business. Investors can use these reports to determine which individual stocks, or shares of mutual funds that follow specific industries, to buy or sell.

The resources below are our best resources for general research on public companies and industries. Subsequent tabs include links to databases best used for that particular subject heading. Most of the resources listed here are available on-site only, at the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

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