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Career Services: Networking

This guide is designed to assist you through career planning with helpful links to online resources. The following sources in this guide are good places to begin your research.

Networking Articles

The Importance of Networking (and How to Do It Well) 

Think networking is only important during a job search? Here's why networking is important to your success. There's no denying the power a strong professional network can have over your career success. When it's done well, networking will not only help you land a job faster, but it will give you a competitive edge throughout every stage of your career. Here's why networking is important to your success, and what you can do to improve your networking skills throughout the course of your career development.


The Art Of Networking In 2020

Are you applying to jobs you're qualified for, but not hearing back from anyone? Do you feel like your friends are having an easier time in the job market than you are? If either of those questions applies to you, it's time to step back and develop a new game plan for your job searching. 


Pandemic or no, for people who want to accelerate learning about new subjects, strengthen career prospects or meet social goals, “networking is at the heart of finding opportunities and exploring them,” according to Miranda Kalinowski, head of global recruiting for Facebook. Fortunately, while team meetings and industry conventions have moved online, the new normal has opened as many doors as it has closed.


Successful Networking Is All About Having the Right Energy

Networking will be easier if you have a simplified approach to your interactions or connections. Once you have the right energy, make sure you maintain eye contact, smile and always have at least one question to ask.


18 Networking Tips You Need to Know

Whether you’re heading to a designated networking event (nametags, appetizers, and all), a seminar, conference, luncheon, or really anywhere else that you’ll be interacting with fellow professionals, we talked to tons of different people to get the lowdown on how you can make your networking efforts far more productive—and way less groan-inducing.


At-Home Networking Strategies

With growing anxiety and isolation spreading across the globe, COVID-19 affects all aspects of our lives. The job market is no exception. While networking remains the top way to find and secure your career of choice, it’s typically practiced in person. As we begin rethinking our day-to-day work, the way we find new work deserves another look, too. The plan below outlines actions to take over the next month to keep you market ready while in the safety of your own home.


Professional Networking in Nursing

Professional networking may sound intimidating, but it plays an important role in modern job searching and career development. When you network, you actively seek relationships within your industry to pursue your professional goals. You may form these connections in person, through an industry-specific organization, or online. No matter how you meet or mingle, it is critical to establish a personal rapport. Professional networking for nurses allows professionals to explore the field and develop a strong support system within the medical community. Networking helps nursing graduates find new positions, discover new specialities, and share their knowledge.

Ted Talks - Networking Playlist