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Career Services: Book Reviews by NYPL Coaches

This guide is designed to assist you through career planning with helpful links to online resources. The following sources in this guide are good places to begin your research.

Career Coaches Choice

Here, NYPL Career Coaches are sharing their current reads available in our catalog, if you like a title please click on the title or the book image to go directly to the NYPL catalog.

Career Development Titles

Little Black Book

Review by NYPL Coach Louisa Tatum

We are always facing new challenges as human being and at work, so in an effort to support you in navigating some of those professional development challenges, I created this book club and this week I reviewed "Little Black Book - A Toolkit for For Working Women" by Otegha Uwagba. This book has tons of hidden gems - 12 simple steps - that will help you strategies on how to effectively create positive changes that may help you be successful in work and life.

Strategize to Win

Review by NYPL Coach Louisa Tatum

Want to Get Unstuck as you figure out Your Next Career Move? Read "Strategize To Win" by Carla Harris

This book is a MUST READ, not solely because Carla Harris is a Wall Street powerhouse, but also because it's extremely relevant for anyone struggling to find a career or job to pursue during this economic deficit, due to COVID-19. Overall "Strategize To Win" is an essential guide with straight forward tips and activities to help you create a career action plan, ie. make a more confident choice(s) on your next job/career path by clarifying your interests, things you enjoy doing and are motivated to do.

The best part about the "Strategize to Win" is that you can trust Carla Harris' advice, each chapter reveals battle - tested strategies from her own life, which she used to build and sustain her career success over the last 30+ years. Anyone who has fulfilled most their life long dreams from working on wall street to becoming a singer, tv correspondent and now a writer, wins my vote as a mentor, therefore it's safe to say that Carla Harris is my new career coach - even though we have never met.

Personal Development Titles


Throughout history, people have sought the heights of human potential—to become as wise and strong, happy and loving, as any person can ever be. And now recent science is revealing how these remarkable ways of being are based on equally remarkable changes in our own nervous system, making them more attainable than ever before.  

In Neurodharma, the follow-up to his classic Buddha’s Brain, New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, PhD, not only explores the new neuroscience of awakening but also offers a bold yet plausible plan for reverse-engineering peak experiences, sense of oneness, and even enlightenment itself. And he does so with his trademark blend of solid science and warm encouragement, guiding you along this high-reaching path with good humor, accessible tools, and personal examples. 

A groundbreaking yet practical book, Neurodharma shares seven practices for strengthening the neural circuitry of profound contentment and inner peace—qualities that offer essential support in everyday life while also supporting the exploration of the most radical reaches of human consciousness. Step by step, this book explains how to apply these insights in order to cultivate unshakable presence of mind, a courageous heart, and serenity in a changing world. The breakthroughs of the great teachers are not reserved for the chosen few. Dr. Hanson shows how we can embody them ourselves in daily life to handle stress, heal old pain, feel at ease with others, and rest in the sense of our natural goodness.

The Buddha didn’t use an MRI to become enlightened. Still, 2,500 years after he walked the dusty roads of northern India, neuroscientists are discovering the mechanisms of the brain that underpin the Buddha’s penetrating analysis of the mind. With deep research, stories, guided meditations, examples, and applications, Dr. Hanson offers a fascinating, inspiring vision of who we can be—and an effective path for fulfilling this wonderful possibility.


Year of Yes

Review by NYPL Coach Louisa Tatum

Laugh and Get Motivated to Pursue Your Career and Overcome Life Challenges by reading The Year of Yes

This book chronicles how saying yes to anything that challenges - Shondra Rhimes or Us - can powerfully impact her/our life, and how life/career/family can be instantly transformed with the word Yes. Upon reading this book you discover how Shondra Rhimes turned bad habits and traumas into career/life success - using her vivid imagination, altering her negative body image, tackling superwoman syndrome and love for writing to create iconic TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Not only is this book an inspirational biography that will help you recognize that making career changes is possible if you would only say yes to working toward your goal(s), it is also HILARIOUS. You will laugh, learn and feel inspired.