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Getting Started Using The New York Public Library's Research Collections from Home: Research Collections

This guide is intended for remote users of the research units of The New York Public Library, particularly the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

You can begin exploring our resources on the Research Page.

What are NYPL's research collections?

NYPL's research collections include the materials at our research centers (The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the Library for the Performing Arts). Our research collections also include access to select materials from Columbia University, Harvard University, and Princeton University. Note: collections at our research centers cannot be browsed or borrowed. 

What types of things can you find in these collections?

  • Books

  • Periodicals

  • Newspapers

  • Archival collections

  • Prints & photographs

  • Recordings

  • Objects

  • Online resources

How can you search the research collections?

The Research Catalog allows you to search materials across all of  The New York Public Library's research centers as well as shared collections with Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. Visit the next page to learn how to use the catalog.  

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