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Slavic and East European Archival Collections: Visuals


  • The David Backman collection of Czechoslovak film and theater photographs contains promotional images of actors dating primarily to the 1930s. Many of the images were printed on postcards. Some are labeled with the actor's name or the production title. The actors depicted include Adina Mandlová and Lída Baarová, among many others.
  • Cyrk posters 1962-1979 collection contains 11 color lithograph posters depicting various aspects of the circus. Beginning in 1962, Zjednoczone Przedsiębiorstwa Rozrywkowe, Poland's state circus agency, commissioned prominent artists who were part of the Polish School of Posters to promote the circus through graphic design.
  • The Irene Dutikof Postcard Collection includes views of cities across the globe and portraits of people inhabiting them; there are also portraits of various famous persons in literature, art, history, and politics. The collection includes postcards with greetings and reproductions of Slavic and Eastern art.
  • The Jacques Hnizdovsky collection including supplementary gift consists of personal and professional papers and includes clippings correspondence programs invitations and publications with works by this accomplished artist.
  • The Aleksei Lapteff Photograph Collection 1873-1991 mostly consists of portrait photographs of Lapteff's family as well as photographs of Grigorii Rasputin and the youngest daughter of Leo Tolstoy, Aleksandra. 
  • Rostislav Polchaninov Collection consists of guidebooks from the former Soviet Union catalogs of bookplates, labels for matchboxes, photographs, postcards, matchboxes, and materials for the history of Russian boy scouts. There are a collection of labels for matchboxes from the Soviet era.
  • A collection of 32 black and white photographs taken by a Russian photographer Andrei Ussov of Soviet rock musicians from the period 1983-1991, including performance photos, group portraits, and headshots.