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Slavic and East European Archival Collections: Autographs



 Autograph album from the signing of the Treaty of Riga (1921)

  Grand Duke Aleksei Aleksandrovich photograph and autograph.

  A letter signed by Empress Catherine II

  Receipt, written and signed by Antonin Dvořàk.

  Autograph album of famous literati of 1830-1860s, chiefly Russian.

  An envelope addressed by Maxim Gorky

  A letter by Josip Jelačić, a Croatian lieutenant field marshal in the Imperial Austrian Army and politician.

  A letter written by Franz Liszt.

  Hand-written corrections to 13 let raboty signed and dated (1924) by Vladimir Mayakovsky.

  Letters patent conferring nobility upon Aleksandr Lachinov signed 1827 October 14 by Tsar Nicholas I.

  A postcard written by Sergey Prokofiev.

  A letter by Leo Tolstoy.

  Autograph of Piotr Wysocki (1797-1875) who was a Polish captain and leader of the Polish conspiracy against Russia.

  Autograph album from the signing of the Treaty of Riga (1921).