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Slavic and East European Archival Collections: Costume and Stage/set Design

Costume and Stage/set Design

  • Boris Aronson (1900-1980) was a scenic designer, Salomeoccasional costume designer, painter, and sculptor. 
  • Leon Bakst (1866-1924) costume and property designs ca. 1911-1923
  • Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinskii was a Russian-born stage designer and painter who lived in New York City. The collection consists of the manuscript of Dobuzhinskiĭ's memoirs, in Russian, ca. 1914-1952; and letters, writings, drawings and diagrams, lists, synopses of scenes, costume sketches, and miscellaneous documents, ca. the 1930s-1950s.
  • Institoris was a Hungarian stage decorator. The collection consists of manuscripts on designing and painting of stage scenery, lighting and other technical practices relating to theaters in Vienna and Baden, Austria, and Pressburg [Bratislava], Hungary. Includes numerous sketches and drawings.
  • Lobanov-Rostovsky Collection of Slides of Russian Scenery and Costume Designs. The collection consists of 148 color slides depicting the work of Russian costume and set designers, 1884-1965, and 127 color slides of stage designs by the Russian avant-garde, 1911-1929. 
  • Waslav Richard Rychtarik (1894- 1982) was a Czech-born American set and costume designer. See Richard Rychtarik papers ca. 1900-1982 [bulk 1935-1955] and Richard Rychtarik costume and set designs 1925-1960s.
  • Stage designer Sergei Soudeikine (1882-1946) was born in Russia and studied art in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris. 
  • Stage designs by Joseph Urban (1872-1933) were used in the 1914 production of The Garden of Paradise based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson.