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Business Center Database Guides: Finding NYPL Databases

How To Access NYPL Databases

Accessing NYPL Databases

Look for the label "Research" on the main heading of NYPL's website

On the Research page, find "Articles and Databases" and click on it : 

(and you can always just start here at this URL, too) :


Here is where you can find and access all of NYPL's 800+ databases and recommended web resources.  At the top, is a alphabet heading that generates a listing by title (if you want a database that begins with the word "Business", click on the "B"). If you know the name of your database, simply type its name into the  Database Title / Description field.  You will also see a Subject drop down.  Use that to explore all the databases NYPL offers related to a given topic or subject: 

If you click on a letter for an alphabetical listing of the databases, you will see a list like this.  The symbols on the left hand side of the database list gives you an idea of where you can access the database : at home, or in a library location. A house icon represents databases that can be accessed anywhere with an active NYPL library card. The NYPL icon denotes a database that must accessed in a NYPL location:  

There is a More Info link for every database listing :

The More Info link will lead you to a single web page devoted to the database. This page is important to see where you can access your database. Many specialized business databases can only be accessed at the Business Center. 

If you are accessing a database outside a library site, you will be prompted for you library barcode and PIN number. If you have problems remotely accessing an NYPL database, contact ASK NYPL for questions about your library account : 


Using a Search Engine to Access Databases

If you have access to a search engine, you can quickly find an NYPL database page without navigating the webpage. Type the name of the database and NYPL and your database page will be at the top of your search results : 

Simply click on the first link and you will be directed to your database's page.