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Business Center Database Guides: Finding NYPL Databases

How To Access NYPL Databases

Accessing NYPL Databases

To investigate all databases offered by NYPL visit :

From this page you can explore all of NYPL's 800+ databases, or if you know the name of your resource, you can begin your search:


We want to take a look at the databases offered by the Business Center.  Put a Subject of Business into the Filter and click on the Apply Filter button: 


From here you can see the nearly 100 databases NYPL offers for Business Research. That's a lot of databases!

Again, if you know the database you want to use, you can type the name of the database into Search


This will bring up a launch page for you to use the database, clicking on the title of the database will begin your session : 

Using a Search Engine to Access Databases

If you have access to a search engine, you can quickly find an NYPL database page without navigating the webpage. Type the name of the database and NYPL and your database page will be at the top of your search results : 

Simply click on the first link and you will be directed to your database's page.