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Business Center Database Guides: Business Source Premier

How To Access NYPL Databases

Accessing Business Source Premier at NYPL

Business Source Premier is database that covers all disciplines of business including marketing, management, accounting, banking, finance and industry information.  It is a complete business database that offers many of its articles in full text from 1000s of sources.


Business Source Premier is available remotely with a NYPL Library Card and PIN number.  


You can always access Business Source Premier here :


Using Business Source Premier

To begin searching, simply type what you are looking for.  Often following your term with "market", "industry", "SWOT", or "company profile" can prove fruitful with your search : 

After your search, you will see your results on the right hand side of the screen.  You can click the PDF for an article's full text, or you can click on the Article's blue-linked title for the full bibliographic entry of the item. On the left hand side in the green box are what we'll refer to as "Limits", settings we can use to refine and narrow all of our search results. 

Arguably the most popular search Limit is "Full Text" and clicking this box will narrow your search results to articles you can read and retrieve on your screen.  Many of Business Source Premier's sources are Full Text.  

Consider narrowing your date range and moving the left hand slider to a later year for recently published search results. 

You can narrow the publication type of your search results.  Since Business Source Premier collects from all areas of the business press, you may want to limit you search to a specific type of publication.  Trade Publications are uniquely useful when searching for industry information.  Market Research and Industry Profiles similarly offer in-depth industry overviews.  Sometimes you may need scholarly research supporting your business research in which case, consider choosing Academic Journals for your limit. 

When you click on the document Title, you will see an overview of the Article. Highlighted here are key areas to view the full text of the document or save the document either to disk or through email. You'll notice the subject headings. They can often be re-used if you find an article related to your topic and would like to conduct another search for similar articles.