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Business Center Database Guides: Business Plans Handbook

How To Access NYPL Databases

Introduction to Business Plans Handbook

The Business Plans Handbook is multi-volume reference work that collects sample business plans in 1000s of industries and business specialties.  Business Plan Handbook is an excellent resource to consult when you're crafting your own business plan and you're looking for a sample plan to structure your own : 


Accessing The Business Plans Handbook

The Business Plans Handbook is not a stand-alone database, it is part of another resource, the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

To find the Gale Virtual Reference Library, navigate your browser to this URL :

From here, click on connect to database

This will start your session in Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database that offers access to 100s of reference works.  We need to locate The Business Plans Handbook.  To begin, click on e-books :  

And then, Gale e-books : 

On the left hand side, you'll see a collection of al the subjects for the reference works in Gale Virtual Reference Library.  To find the Business Plans Handbook click on the Collections heading for Business :  

This will generate a list of reference works offered by the Gale Virtual Reference Library on business.  Look for the The Business Plans Handbook alphabetized among the other titles:

This will limit all your searches to be contained in the Business Plans Handbook. On the right hand side, enter the term of type of business or industry you are searching for : 

This will generate a list of sample plans in the Business Plans Handbook related to your search term.  Click on any plan you want to explore : 

The business plans tend to be 10 - 20 pages long. You are welcome to export any of the plans, either by email, or saving locally to your computer.  Look for the icons on the right hand side : 


NOTE : The Business Plans Handbook will not have Business Plans for every business imaginable.  You may have to use flexibility or imagination.  If you're looking for a business plan for a "Skateboarding Shop" you may have to look for "Bicycle Shop" or even "Sporting Goods Store."