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Business Center Database Guides: Emerging Markets - Internet Securities

How To Access NYPL Databases

Accessing EMIS

Emerging Markets - Internet Securities (EMIS) is a database that provides strong coverage of industry reports and industry news from all over the globe.  To access EMIS, start at this URL :

From here, you will see the launch page for EMIS from NYPL, click on Connect to database to start your session : 

Activating a session of EMIS can take a few additional clicks.  First, look to the right hand corner of the screen and click CLIENT LOG IN: 

From here, you can activate the database by clicking My Full Subscription and choosing all country modules you'd like to search.  Or, you can simply focus on a few selected geographic regions (doing this can make your search a little less complicated or cluttered with results).  When you make your decision, click on the CONTINUE button to enter the database : 

You are now ready to start searching EMIS...