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Digital Marketing Research and Planning For Your Business: Introduction

This guide presents the concept and application of digital marketing and provides resources to help plan and execute effectively.


The world of digital marketing is broad and complex, and decision-making quite challenging. But once understood, and efficiently planned and implemented, it can be worthwhile and profitable for your business.

If you are a beginning researcher who may feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information, available online and in print, this guide can serve as your convenient starting point for the following reasons:

  • it has vetted and chosen the best and easy-to-understand sources of information about digital marketing, 
  • it discusses some of the more commonly used types of digital marketing, and
  • it provides reliable sources of information to help further your knowledge of digital marketing, such as training videos, databases, books, e-books, and other websites.

However, as is the nature of digital marketing, new information is potentially being produced daily.  Therefore, feel free to merely use to this guide as a launch pad into the lucrative enterprise of digital marketing and get ready to reap the rewards of your effort and imagination!

Please note: all the websites cited in these pages are purely for information purposes only; there is no intention to endorse the purchase of any product sold therein. 



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