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Digital Marketing Research and Planning For Your Business: What's In It For You?

This guide presents the concept and application of digital marketing and provides resources to help plan and execute effectively.
  • helps make it easier to create awareness of your business
  • helps you build an ongoing relationship with your consumers and develop brand loyalty or encourage repeat purchase
  • helps accelerate the process of turning potential consumers into actual buyers
  • enables satisfied consumers to share your information with friends and social contacts and potentially influence them into becoming consumers, as well
  • helps increase your reach, locally AND globally
  • makes it possible to practice efficient marketing at a relatively affordable price
  • makes it easier to measure consumer response to your marketing efforts
  • improves target marketing to specific demographic groups
  • allows you to adjust your marketing messages or tactics without delay 
  • requires staff training
  • needs highly qualified people who have the knowledge and skill to carry out the various digital marketing activities
  • needs constant attention to developing and/or changing trends 
  • can take time to create content 
  • tight competition since almost every business has some form of digital presence
  • negative feedback from consumers can damage your reputation if you do not respond in a timely manner
  • needs awareness of security and privacy issues and compliance with relevant laws and regulations





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Cover ArtBrand Media Strategy by Antony Young 

ISBN: 1137279567

Publication Date: 2014-09-04

Today's sophisticated media landscape offers more tools and platforms, for the savvy marketer than ever before. Media & brand expert Antony Young explores how today's most innovative marketers are meeting the challenge by employing the latest media tools in ways never before seen to grow their brands, and getting unprecedented results.