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LGBTQ+ Jewish: Identities

This guide covers LGBTQ+ Jewish research from scholarly, communal, and personal perspectives.


Pomegranate, NYPL Digital Collections Image 1109258This section includes writing on Jewish and LGBTQ+ identities in cultural, religious, and national contexts. The works here range from scholarly and critical works to community anthologies. They explore what it means to be LGBTQ+ and Jewish, and how these identities inform art, politics, and community.

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Bisexuality    Gay men   Gender identity   Gender nonconforming people   Intersex people 

Lesbianism    Sexual minorities    Transgender people   Transgender women   Transgender men

Jewish gays  Jewish lesbians  Jewish transgender people 

Coming out (Sexual Orientation)

Gender nonconformity -- Religious aspects  Homosexuality-- Religious aspects 

 Lesbianism -- Religious aspects   Sexual orientation -- Religious aspects


Image: Pomegranates are an important symbolic fruit in Jewish tradition. Pomegranate image by Pierre Joseph Redouté, NYPL Rare Book Division, Image 1109258

LGBTQ+ Jewish Identities

LGBTQ+ in Israel and Palestine