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Music Research from Home using NYPL resources: Research Help - Virtual Appointments

A guide for doing research in music while the NYPL branches are closed.

Virtual Reference


Requesting a Virtual Consultation

Requesting a Virtual Reference Consultation with a Music Librarian

We are pleased to offer one-on-one virtual consultations with Library staff to determine how your research needs may be met remotely.

You can book a consultation with a Music & Recorded Sound librarian and, using Google Meet, chat either with video or by phone to determine the best way to access the materials you need.

Use the form on this page, which requires at least 3 days advance notice so we can be prepared to help you as effectively as possible.

NOTE: NO library card is required to use this service. Although, you may need one to take further steps. If you do not have a card, we will help you get one so that you can use our resources to the fullest.


Getting a Library Card

Getting a NYPL Library Card

If you live in New York State, you can get a library card through the Simply-E application. Details on doing so are available at NYPL's E-Book Central

The application must be used on a phone (iOS and Android) - it is not available for desk/laptop computers - and it uses geo-location to determine that you are, indeed, in the state.

Once you have your card through Simply-E, you can request Grab & Go of physical circulating materials to one of 50 local NYPL branches, read e-books, use many of the Library's extensive article databases, and request Scan & Deliver services for electronic copies of materials in the Research Branches.

These services are not restricted to using your phone, you can use a desk/laptop or tablet as well. 

If you live outside of New York State and need access to materials that require a library card, the librarian with whom you have your consultation will work with you to get a Researcher card. 

Electronic Delivery tools

The Library offers several ways of accessing our materials electronically

  • Scan & Deliver – Especially useful for articles, chapters of books where the page numbers are known, etc.

Full FAQ


  • LPA Electronic Delivery - This is primarily for things that do not have barcodes – clipping files, photographs, archival & special collections materials, etc. But it can also be used for articles and chapters of books in the Research Collection that are housed onsite at the LPA. Commercial scores can be problematic because of copyright - we can not, generally, scan an entire score, but if all that is needed is an aria or a song, we can probably accommodate you. Fill out the form and we'll figure out if it's viable or not.