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Latin American Art & Latine Art: A Guide to Resources: About

.... Guide by Laura Marte & Miguel Rosales.

What is Latin American/Latine Art?

To explain what we mean when we refer to Latin American art & Latine art we must acknowledge that the term “Latin America'' is rooted in its colonial past. Many complex factors make up this history which covers artist expression from before the European conquest until the present day.

In a broad sense, the term describes regions within the Western Hemisphere that, while already inhabited, were later claimed by European empires of Latin origin. Latin American art is therefore the combined artistic expression by creators whose origins derive from nations within the Western Hemisphere that sprung after the European conquest by the Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

Latine art is associated with works created by individuals who belong to the Latin American diaspora -- having cultural roots in Latin America but live, work, or have established communities in other parts of the world.

This research guide offers a wide range of resources to help users discover more about Latin American & Latine Art.

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