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Electronic Resources at The New York Public Library: Accessing E-Resources, E-Periodicals and Scholarly E-Books

Databases, searchable newspapers, writing aids, and other resources at NYPL. Guide by Rhonda Evans.

Accessing E-Resources from LibGuides

You can see all of the databases that the New York Public Library has to offer by viewing NYPL's LibGuides A to Z List.

  • A to Z Home: On the A to Z homepage you will find all of the e-resources accessible to NYPL patrons listed in alphabetical order. On the side column you will find easy access to the most popular databases, and by scrolling down you can find out what e-resources are new!
  • Remote vs. Onsite Access: Next to each electronic resource you will see either a blue house or a lion. If you see the blue house that means the database is accessible anywhere as long as you have a valid NYPL card and PIN number. If you see the lion it means that the database is only accessible onsite at NYPL locations, click on the description to find out more details.
  • Searching by Subject: By using the Subject dropdown you can narrow down all of the e-resources that fit the subject you are interested in. At the top of the page you will see the "Best Bets." Best Bets place the databases that our librarians believe are most related to a specific subject right at the top for easy access. Underneath Best Bets the databases are organized alphabetically.
  • Searching by Database Type: By using the Database Type dropdown you can narrow down the electronic resources that are available either remotely or at a specific location.
  • Keyword Search: You can also find databases by entering key words in the Search Databases box. Please not the keyword search only searches the database descriptions, not the databases themselves.

Finding Online Journals, Newspapers, Periodicals and Scholarly E-Books

The Find E-Journals and E-Books by Title Page is the best place to locate journals in electronic format and scholarly e-books.

  • Searching and Browsing: This page allows you to search by:
    • Title or ISSN/ISBN
    • By journals only, books only, or both
    • You can also browse by letter or subject
  • Searching for Periodicals: Although the title of the page says "journals" this page will help you find electronic versions of journals, newspapers, and other periodicals. When you find the title of the serial you are looking for the description will display the following:
    • The date coverage
    • The database the serial is in (click on the database name to access the serial)
    • Whether the database is available remotely or onsite only
  • Searching for Scholarly E-Books
    • If you are looking for books by scholarly publishers or text books this is the place to do it. Many of these books you will not find in NYPL's other e-book applications, such as Simply-E, Overdrive or 3M because they are part of collections specifically curated for different research topics.


  1. I am at a New York Public Library Location and I am unable to access an e-resource?
    1. Return to the description of the specific e-resource on the A to Z Page and in the description click on the "more" button. Some of our databases are only available at specific NYPL Research Libraries, in specific rooms, and a few are on specific computer terminals and a staff member may have to sign you in. The "more" button will tell you if you are in a location where the e-resource you are trying to access is available.
    2. If number 1 is not the issue please speak with the librarian at the reference desk or Report a Database Problem.
  2. I am offsite and I am unable to access an e-resources?
    1.  Return to the description of the specific e-resource on the A to Z Page and look for the little blue house. If the e-resource has a lion next to it instead of the blue house it means that it is only available at an NYPL location.
    2. If you checked for number 1 and it is a remote access e-resource make sure that you have a valid library card and you know your PIN number.
      1. If you card is expired, then access to the database will be denied. You can visit any NYPL location to renew your library card.
      2. Your PIN number is a 4-digit number you chose when you applied for your library card. If you forgot your PIN you can visit any NYPL location to re-set it.
    3. If you have tried one and two you can contact a librarian or Report a Database Problem. 

Accessing E-Resources: NYPL Website

You can see all of the databases that the New York Public Library has to offer by viewing the New York Public Library's Articles and Databases Page.


Remote Access Databases with this icon are accessible remotely with a valid NYPL card and PIN.

Lion Databases with this icon are accessible onsite only at all or specific NYPL locations. You will not need your library card, and you can use your own laptop for most onsite access.