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Electronic Resources at The New York Public Library: Places to Start Your Research

Databases, searchable newspapers, writing aids, and other resources at NYPL. Guide by Rhonda Evans.

Where to Begin

Are you in need of basic background information on a topic? You're not sure of the major journals in a specific research area? You are looking for a bibliography to begin researching a certain topic or person? The New York Public Library has plenty of resources to help you get started, no matter how little or how much you already know about a topic. This list is not exhaustive. Please visit the A to Z page for a full list of NYPL's electronic resources.


These resources provide hundreds of reference articles covering everything form history to art to psychology to technology and in multiple languages. To get an encyclopedic overview of any topic these are great resources to begin with.

Scholarly E-Books and E-Text Books

These online collections provide access to thousands of scholarly e-books and text books across all disciplines and in multiple languages.

Multi-Disciplinary Journals, Articles & Abstracts

These databases pull articles and abstracts from thousands of journals and magazines across all disciplines, including peer-reviewed titles.


Bibliographies provides lists and descriptions of resources for a particular subject. These bibliographies can be a great starting off point for researchers.

Newspapers: Historical & Current

Newspapers are great primary resources to research historical and current events. The New York Public Library provides access to thousands of Newspapers from the 17th century to the present day, in multiple languages.


Indexes are incredibly useful tools that can lead you to new research on a specific topic or help you pinpoint the source of an article. These are just some of the electronic indexes available to New York Public Library patrons.