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Boundaries, Districts, and Zones in New York City: About

This guide covers how to find cartographic materials related to the internal boundaries, districts, and zones of New York City.


New York City has a large number of internal boundaries that create districts and zones. Based on the type of boundary that has been created, these districts and zones either:

  • Are subject to specific policies or regulations, or
  • Share the same municipal services, or
  • Share similar characteristics (most prominent for environmental and health concerns).

When researching about boundaries, districts, and zones in New York City, some questions you might be asking yourself include: 

  • Borough of Manhattan: 23rd Assembly District and 24th & 25th Aldermanic DistrictHow can I geographically visualize these districts, zones, and boundaries?
  • What are some characteristics of these districts, zones, and boundaries?
  • Have these districts, zones, and boundaries changed over time?

This guide is designed to help you answer these questions as they pertain to boundaries and districts that are present in New York City. In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize NYPL's catalogs to locate maps related to specific districts and boundaries.
  • Locate supplementary resources to provide context for these maps.
  • Utilize digital resources from NYPL and other reputable institutions.

Please use the above tabs to learn more about the different types of boundaries and districts that can be found in New York City, how to find maps that showcase these specific boundaries in NYPL's catalogs, and examples of these maps from NYPL's Map Division.

Image Source: Borough of Manhattan: 23rd Assembly District and 24th & 25th Aldermanic District. 1904. NYPL Digital Collections Image ID 5073576

Organization of Recommended Materials in this Guide

The recommended items in this research guide are only a selection of the vast amount of materials we have at NYPL. Make sure to utilize the catalog tips listed on each page to ensure that you are searching our entire collection. 

When a selection of material is presented, please note that each boundary type that is mentioned in this research guide is arranged in chronological order by publication date. 

Under each title are bullet points. These bullet points will include, in the following order:

  • A call number. Certain items might have more than one call number- if so, additional call numbers will be listed.
  • If any information might prove useful to understanding the context of the item, that information will be listed as an additional bullet point. 
  • If the item is available digitally, the associated link will be included as an additional bullet point.

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