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Yiddish Research: Bibliographies

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.

Bibliographies of Yiddish Literature

חיות, שאול

אוצר בדויי השם : הוא מפתח השמות הבדויים של המחברים בספרות ישראל בעברית ובאידית -- כנוייהם, סימניהם ונוטריקניהם עם פתרונותיהם -- מתקופת הגאונים עד העת החדשה / מאת שאול חיות.

Chajes, Saul, 1884-1935. Otsar beduye ha-shem : hu mafteaḥ ha-shemot ha-beduyim she ha-meḥabrim be-sifrut Yiśraʼel be-ʻIvrit uve-Idit ... mi-teḳufat ha-geʼonim ʻad ha-ʻet ha ḥadashah / me-et Shaʼul beha-gaʼon Yitsḥaḳ Ḥayot. Ṿina ; Yerushalayim : Bamberger et Ṿarman, 693 [1933]. 

Acronyms and pseudonyms of Yiddish and Hebrew writers.


Essential Yiddish Books by Zachary Baker
Downloadable guide to the 1,000 most important Yiddish books available from the Yiddish Book Center.


Illustrated Children's Books in Hebrew and Yiddish, 1900-1929 (Library of Congress)

Illustrated, downloadable finding aid.


Indexes to the work of Sholem Aleichem 
Look up a story by the Yiddish title to find a translation; or by English find its original title and publication details.


ישורין, עפֿים. 100 יאָר מאָדערנע ייִדישע ליטעראַטור

Jeshurin, Ephim. 100 Yor Moderne Yidishe Literatur. Nyu-York: Arbeter-ring, 1965.
The table of contents at the back of the book has thematic entries on literature and education, with listings for articles in Yiddish and other languages. Jeshurin also wrote many bibliographies of individual writers and created a bibliographic index at YIVO.

Ephim Jeshurin card index (YIVO)
Jeshurin compiled extensive notes on reviews, and biographical material for many Yiddish authors. Ask a YIVO archivist for help.

See also Ephim Jeshurin's other published bibliographies of Yiddish writers; many are online.


Muraskin, Bennett. The Association of Jewish Libraries guide to Yiddish short stories. Teaneck, NJ : Ben Yehuda Press, c2011. Arranged by topic, it an annotated summary of 130+ stories available in English translation, with brief author biographies, and bibliographic details on the originals and translations.


Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature by Neil Zagorin.
Downloadable, annotated bibliography of hundreds of children's books in Yiddish.


Prager, Leonard. Yiddish Literary and Linguistic Periodicals and Miscellanies. Darby, PA: ASJL/Norwood Editions, 1982.  Describes thousand of Yiddish periodicals, with years of publication, editors, and sample contributors.


פּסעוודאָנימען אין דער ייִדישער ליטעראַטור

Psevdonimen in der Yidisher literatur [Pseudonyms in Yiddish literature]. 

Vilne; Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut, Filologishe Sektsye, 1939. Reprint from "Yivo-bleter, " vol. Xii, no. 7-8.


Resources in Yiddish Studies: “Meta”-resources by Zachary Baker (In geveb)

Comprehensive bibliographic resource guide to Yiddish studies, including literature.


Singerman, Robert. Jewish Translation History: a Bibliography of Bibliographies and Studies. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia, Pa.: John Benjamins Pub., 2002.
Not a list of translations but a bibliography to facilitate study of translation practice. Chapter 7 gives translations to and from Yiddish.


Yiddish Culture in Britain. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1990.
Bibliography of British writers, groups, periodicals, and other cultural manifestations.