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Yiddish Research: Websites

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.


BJPA Reader's Guide: Jewish Languages. Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU Wagner
Readings on Hebrew, Yiddish, and Jewish language and Jewish life.


Corpus of Spoken Yiddish in Europe

A digital language archive sourced from Holocaust survivor testimonies


Jewish Languages Home Page
Basic information on all Jewish languages.


Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry (Columbia, University)

Digitized interviews and materials from the linguistic project on Yiddish dialects, produced from 1949 to 1997.


Lectures in Yiddish, compiled by Isaac Bleaman. Includes links.


Library of Congress Transliteration (Romanization)
Many libraries use this slight variant on YIVO transliteration, which is useful to know for searching library catalogs.


Sound Archives of the Language and Culture of Ashkenazic Jewry 
Audio of native speakers from different regions, recorded for the Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry.


Word Lists by Topic
These can be helpful if you're reading a text with many references to a particular kind of thing, e.g. foodstuffs or plants.


Yiddish Cultural Dictionary (Dovid Katz)

Searchable English-Yiddish online dictionary with idiomatic and dialect-specific phrases for words and idioms.


Yiddish Dialect Dictionary (Lezyer Burko)

A linguistic project to document Yiddish dialects.


Yiddish Wit and Wisdom
Collection of Yiddish expressions and idioms in Yiddish and transliteration.


YIVO Transliteration
This helps you use any resource that uses standardized transliteration.