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Yiddish Research: Music and Dance

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.

Music and Dance

Eyntsiker kontsert

This section presents Yiddish music and dance resources organized by genre and format. See also: Seigel, Amanda (Miryem-Khaye). "Yiddish Music Resources Online". Revue de musicologie, Tome 107, no. 2 (2021) for a review of online resources.

Yiddish Music at NYPL

Commercial Recordings

Field Recordings / Folk Songs

Sheet Music



Subscription Databases

Music Books

Klezmer / Instrumental Music

Image of poster for Eyntsiker kontsert fun di balibte kinstler Dvoyre Rozenblum un Nokhem Melnik.

Introduction to Yiddish Music Research (online class)

Yiddish Sheet Music Research (Online Class)

Starting Research with Yiddish Sheet Music (online class)

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