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Yiddish Research: Field Recordings

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.

Field Recordings / Folk Songs

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive

Apply for a free research login for this site to hear commercial and non-commercial recordings dating to the early 20th century.


Inside the Yiddish Folksong

Online resource for the analysis of the Yiddish folksong tradition - exploring genre, structure, style, aesthetic, pedagogy, and resources


Library of Congress - American Folklife Center

Collection of U.S. and international folk music and folk culture.


National Library of Israel (Ha-Sifriyah ha-Olamit)

Comprehensive, international Jewish music collection, with some online content.


Ruth Rubin Archive, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Comprehensive site with recordings, texts, and other documents from the great scholar singer, collector and proponent of Yiddish folk song.  


Stonehill  Jewish Song Archive 

Archival field recording of Holocaust survivors in New York City, 1948, by Ben Stonehill. Includes recordings, as well as transcribed and translated texts by Dr. Miriam Isaacs. 


Vernadsky Collection (Institute for Information Recording, Vernadsky National Library of

Rare Jewish ethnographic recordings made in Ukraine and Belarus between 1912 and 1947.


Yiddish Song of the Week 
Field recordings of Yiddish songs, presented with texts and scholarly commentary, and edited by Dr. Itzik Gottesman. Sponsored by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance.


YIVO Yiddish Folksong Project (RG 2299) - Series 1: Field Recordings

Digitized collection of interviews/field recording of Yiddish folk singers.