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Yiddish Research: General Sources

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.

General Sources

זילבערצוייג, זלמן. לעקסיקאָן פֿון ייִדישן טעאַטער

Zylbercweig, Zalmen. Leksikon fun Yidishn Teater. Nyu York: Farlag "Elisheva", 1931-1969. (6 volumes).

Index to the Leksikon fun Yidishn teater by Faith Jones. New York: Dorot Jewish Division, The New York Public Library, 2001. 

Zylbercweig is the first stop for Yiddish theater research, covering individuals, theatrical companies, movements, and unions. Use the alphabetical index on the New York Public Library's web site.


American Jewish Committee Oral History Collection. Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library    

2,500 oral history interviews, including with Yiddish theater personalities
Read Online:
Theodore Bikel, Lillian Lux Burstein, Joseph Buloff, Luba KadisonMolly Picon and Jacob Kalich, Michael Tilsen ThomasRichard Tucker
Audio and print: Celia AdlerJacob Ben-Ami, Minna Bern, Ben Bonus, Mike Burstyn, Herschel Bernardi, Jacob Jacobs, Miriam Kressyn and Seymour Rexsite, Baruch Lumet, Mascha Benya Matz, Jack RechtzeitLulla Rosenfeld, Nahma Sandrow


Berkowitz, Joel. "Yiddish Theater". Oxford Bibliographies Online. Accessible with a Library card.


Digital Yiddish Theater Project - Scholarly blog with articlesplot synopses, and the seventh volume of Zalmen Zylbercweig's Leksikon.


Sandrow, Nahma. Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theater. New York: Harper & Row, c1977.
This essential, classic work provides a highly readable and informative overview of Yiddish theater.


A Tale of Two Museums : Esther Rachel Kamimska Theater Museum Collection (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research)

Audio-narrated exhibit on New York and Warsaw Yiddish theater.


All About Jewish Theatre 
Articles and information on Jewish theater in all languages.