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Yiddish Research: Dictionaries

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.


Selective Bibliography of Yiddish Dictionaries

A complete list of Yiddish dictionaries 


Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary (based on the lexical research of Mordkhe Schaechter) / Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath, Paul Glasser, editors-in-chief ; Chava Lapin, associate editor.. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

2016 edition. 2021 edition

Comprehensive, modern Yiddish-English dictionary. Emphasizes Yiddish as a living language.


Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary. Edited by Solon Beinfeld and Harry Bochner.
Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press, 2021 edition, 2016 edition
Comprehensive, modern, 37,000-word Yiddish-English dictionary with user's guide, cross-references, alternative spellings, feminine suffixes, word genders, sentence examples, Slavic origins, and sometimes the past tense for irregular verbs. Available online; a subscription is required for some features.


Weinreich, Uriel. Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary.
New York: Yivo/McGraw-Hill, 1968.  Besides words, Weinreich includes expressions, irregular plurals, past tenses, gender, feminine form of masculine nouns, and pronunciation for Hebrew and Aramaic root words. For best use, consult the table on p. lx-lxi for abbreviations and symbols.


Harkavy, Alexander. Yidish-English-Hebreisher Verterbukh / Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary. Nyu York: Farlag fun dem farfaser, 1925.
The 1920's editions of this dictionary are the best. While employing inconsistent orthography, they include many local dialect and non-standard words not in Weinreich.

1910 ed.1928 ed.


ניבאָרסקי,  יצחק, מיט שעמון נויבערג, אליעזר ניבאָרסקי און נאַטאַליאַ קריניצקאַ.

ווערטערבוך פֿון לשון ־ קודש ־ שטאַמיקע ווערטער אין ייִדיש

Niborski, Y. ; with Neuberg, Simon; Niborski, Eliezer; and Krynicka, Natalia. Verterbukh fun Loshn-Koydesh-Shtamike Verter in Yidish. Pariz: Medem-bibliotek, 2012.
Newest, largest edition of the most complete dictionary of Hebrew and Aramaic-root words in Yiddish. Includes sample sentences from literature, pronunciation (including dialect variants) and plural forms. Entirely in Yiddish.


Idish verterbukh. Dictionary of Yiddish words from Hebrew and Aramaic, compiled by Charles Spivak and Solomon Bloomgarten (Yehoash) in 1911.


סטוטשקאָוו, נחום

דער אוצר פֿון דער ייִדישער שפּראַך

Stutchkoff, Nahum. Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Shprakh. New York: YIVO, 1950.
A monumental Yiddish thesaurus, with synonyms; related verbs; expressions and sayings. Arrangement is thematic; includes index. A transliterated, searchable version from Shimen Neuberg and Refoyl Finkel.


גרויסער ווערטערבוך פֿון דער ייִדישער שפּראַך

Groyser Verterbukh fun der Yidisher Shprakh. Nyu York: Komitet farn groysnverterbukh fun der Yidisher shprakh, 1961-
An unfinished dictionary of 4 volumes covering the letter alef. Entirely in Yiddish.


Jacobson, Steven A. A Guide to the More Common Hebraic Words in Yiddish. 4th ed.
Fairbanks, Alaska: S.A. Jacobson, 1995.
Includes Hebrew and Aramaic-root words in phonetic spelling, Also useful for decoding Soviet Yiddish orthography. Out of print but available online.


ווייסבראָט, בערל, ניבאָרסקי, יצחק,  און נויבערג, שמעון.

ייִדיש-פֿראַנציישזיש ווערטערבוך

Weisbrot, Berl; Niborsḳi, Yitskhoḳ and Noyberg, Shimen. Yidish-Frantseyzish ṿerṭerbukh = Dictionnaire Yiddish-Français . Pariz : Medem-Biblioṭeḳ, 2002.
A comprehensive modern dictionary, worth using (with additional dictionaries) even for non-French-speakers.