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Yiddish Research: Yiddish Texts for Students

Yiddish research guide covering general resources, article and books, folklore, genealogy, linguistics, literature, music and dance, oral history, theater, film, radio, translation and student resources.

YIddish Texts for Students

Yiddish Texts Designed for Students

The following texts are designed for students, with educational features such as abbreviated and simplified texts, standard orthography, notes, bibliographies and glossaries.

You can also find Yiddish texts, and accompanying audio, on the site World of Yiddish.

For more student readers, search Internet Archive using the keyword כרעסטאָמאַטיע (khrestomatye).


In Yiddish / אויף ייִדיש


ירושלים ד'ליטא : די יידישע קולטור אין דער ליטע

Yerusholaim de'-Liṭa : di Yidishe ḳulṭur in der Liṭe = Jerusalem of Lithuania : a reader in Yiddish cultural history / [compiled by] Jerold Frakes. Columbus : Ohio State University Press, [2011?]

Yiddish reader for intermediate-level students with historical readings that recreate the importance of Vilnius (Lithuania) in preserving Jewish theology and culture during the last five centuries.


מאָטל פּייסע דעם חזנס: פֿאַרקירצט און באַאַרבעט פֿאַר סטודענטן מיט געניטונגען,  גלאָסאַר און קלאַנג־רעקאָרדירונג

Moṭl Peysi dem ḥazns : farḳirtsṭ un baʼarbeṭ far sṭudenṭn miṭ geniṭungen, glosar un ḳlang-reḳordirung. Edited by Sheva Zucker; assistant editor, Anne Gawenda. New York: League for Yiddish; Elsternwick, Australia: Sholem Aleichem College, 2017. 

This special edition of Sholem Aleichem's is edited for students, with exercises, a glossary, and audio recording.


מיט גרויס ֿפַארגעניגן : הונדערט יָאר יִידישע ליטערַאטור / צונויֿפגעשטעלט ֿפון העטהער װַאלענסיַא.

Miṭ groys fargenign : hunderṭ yor Yidishe liṭeraṭur / tsunoyfgeshṭelṭ fun Heṭher Ṿalensya. Oxford : Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies, 2003.

Anthology of Yiddish literary texts in standard orthography with bibliographical notes and glossary in English.

פּערעץ,  י. ל. געקליבענע דערציילונגען

Peretz, Isaac Leib [Yitskhok Leyb].  Selected stories: bilingual edition. Translation and introduction, Ei Katz ; [selected and edited, Itche Goldberg and Eli Katz]. New York : Zhitlowsky Foundation for Jewish Culture, 1991.

Side-by-side English-Yiddish edition of Peretz's most classic stories.


Bilingual (Yiddish-English) Anthologies of Yiddish Literature

The following anthologies can be helpful for students who want to read Yiddish texts with an English translation.


American Yiddish poetry : a bilingual anthology / Benjamin and Barbara Harshav, translations with the participation of Kathryn Hellerstein, Brian McHale, and Anita Norich. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1986.

A substantial bilingual Yiddish/English poetry collection.


An anthology of modern Yiddish poetry : bilingual edition / selected and translated by Ruth Whitman.
Detroit : Wayne State University Press, 1995. 3rd ed., rev. and enl.

Bilingual Yiddish/English collection of poetry.


Early Yiddish texts, 1100-1750 / edited by Jerold C. Frakes. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.

A substantial collection of historical Yiddish texts, with explanatory text in English and bibliographic resources.


Proletpen : America's rebel Yiddish poets / edited by Amelia Glaser and David Weintraub ; translated by Amelia Glaser ; with illustrations by Dana Craft ; special editorial assistance from Yankl Salant. Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, ; [Coral Gables, Fla.] : Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture, c2005. 

Substantial collection of Yiddish poets of the left. Bilingual - poem texts are in Yiddish with English translation.